Elementary Food Service

Grades K-5 Prices for 2023-2024

Breakfast - $2.50    (Served from 8:30 - 8:55AM)

Reduced Student Breakfast  - $0.30

Adult Breakfast - $2.75

Lunch - $3.00

Reduced Student Lunch - $0.40

Adult Lunch - $4.75

Students now have lunch accounts. Parents may send money daily or send checks or cash to be deposited to accounts.

Students are not given change at the cash register, all change is deposited into the student's account for future lunch or breakfast purchases.

You can also view your student's lunch account balance online at PayForIt.net !


Lunch Room

Please note that there is now only a $10.00 charge limit in the lunchroom.  If a student is on reduced meals, there is now only a $2.00 charge limit in the lunchroom.  



Norwayne Local Schools have moved to the PayForIt System. This service provides parents with a secure, fast, and convenient way to view and manage student lunch activity.Parents can sign up for low balance notifications, can view students' balance and deposit money into their childrens' meal accounts. Note there is a $1.75 transaction fee for online ACH student deposits and credit card transactions will be charged 3.9%.

Click here to setup your new PayFotIt account:


To get your student's identification number, contact the office at the building your child attends: High School 330-435-6384; Middle School 330-435-1195; Elementary 330-435-6383

Students in the 3rd grade or above should already have this number memorized.


Breakfast and Lunch Menus