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American Red Cross

Red Cross Trainings are held at Norwayne High School and instructed by Beth Lea.


You can contact me at one of two e-mail addresses nrcn_lea [at] tccsa [dot] net  or blea [at] norwayne [dot] net.  I daily check them both.

Schedule for 2017-2018-all classes will be in the high school library

Coaches-adult CPR        July 31, 2017         1 pm and 7 pm in High School Library                                              PLEASE CONTACT ME AND SIGN-UP AS THERE COULD BE A LOT OF COACHES TAKING THIS SESSION 


Bus drivers only-this class is not open to any coaches or other staff member

September 12, 2017        10-12 am


Adult CPR        Oct. 23, 2017           6 pm 

Please contact me if you are planning on attending.

Staff            end of November or beginning of December

                    Please contact me if you are interested and for what certification-Adult,  Child, Infant CPR, and/or first aid.  Those interested will set the date and time.


Coaches-adult CPR        February 20, 2018    6 pm-note this class may have to be changed if there is a basketball tournament game that night


expired-may not have been posted before  Feb 22, 2014   Adult CPR

Kristen Quallich        Katelyn Moore

EXPIRED   February 21, 2015


Kelly Hanzie             Adam Wallace           John Bowman

Adult CPR/Pediatrics & First Aid

Jaime Riggenbach      Genet Riggenbach

EXPIRED  July 27, 2015   Adult CPR

Adam Indorf           Erin Lynch                Kara Joyce             Jake Zimmerly

Bri Indorf                 Denise Followay     Jude LaChance    Scott Norman

Sarah Coy              Mark Stanley

EXPIRED  Sept. 15, 2015    Adult CPR/First Aid

Sheri Wachtel       Lori Weinmen         Holly Bowman         Tim Williams

Cheri Crawford    Christine Brown      Patrick Clark             James Starkey

Lori Hoyt               Nancy Milczewski  Sheila Goody            Jill Gasser

Jerry Favri            Terry Valentine       Melissa sparks          David Colich

Carol King            Paul Zollinger         Denise Followay

EXPIRED  Oct. 24, 2015    Adult CPR

Brian Hilson        Kip Cullin                 Jon Moore                  Brian West

John Ruch          Doug Hanzie           Dallas Lycans            Dylan Crawford

Taylor Gwirtz      Brooke Hare            Terry West                  Jim Lindeman

Nov 12, 2015

Adult CPR

Misty Snow        Tyrone Hostetler      Joshua Besancon

Adult CPR/First Aid

Katie Hoffman    Sue Hoffman            Kim Green                  Ronald Wagner

Infant/Child/Adult CPR and First Aid

Jenna Rupp      Jennifer Wood          Christine Rigerman  Andy Froelich

Cindy Slater

Feb 20, 2016  

Adult CPR

Mike Gill           Larry Bellman

Child CPR

Misty Snow

July 25, 2016

Adult CPR

Alfredo Gray      John Baummer         Jason Gallion           Scott Coy

October 24, 2016

Adult CPR

Michelle Vance      Megan Raber         Jordan Marrero      Brittany Palmer

John Dreher          Kave Dreher           Shawn Deer          Sydney Grier

Kevin Leatherman

November 29, 2016

Adult CPR

Beth Smith            Brett Smith

Adult/Child CPR

Joe Love               Joy Love                Lisa Piatt                 Christine McCall (First Aid too)

Abbey VanTyne

Adult/Child/Infant CPR and First Aid

Jessica Gasser     Kristen Quallich

Feb. 9, 2017

Adult CPR

Terry O'Hare         Kelly Hanzie          Scott Studer          Colin Filak

Adult/Child CPR

Jim Glessner        Ricki Gerber

Adult/Child/Infant CPR and First Aid

Jamie Riggenbach    Genet Riggenbach

July 31, 2017

Adult CPR

Trevahn Beery          Rex Steiner          Carol Zollinger          Ann Gerber

Adam Indorf              Brianne Indorf      Scott Norman           Cassandra Zumack

Christine Rigerman   Doug Hanzie        Mark Stanley            Brian West

Jude LaChance         Bryce Zimmerly    Vince Sette              Joe Chaffin

Denise Followay        Bill Vance             Bryan Shirey            Sarah Coy

Michelle Stoller          Miranda Bailey     Mara Holcomb         Tim Winkler

Jake Zimmerly