Norwayne SALT
Minutes: January 29, 2018

1.  Welcome and introductions. Present: Tammy Tomassetti, Stan Beery, Doug Zimmerly, Joan Winkler, Doug Hunter, Josh Chaffin, Joe Routh, Nonya Stalnaker, Catherine Gabe

2.   Review previous minutes: The December minutes were reviewed and Stan made a motion to approve the minutes and Josh seconded. The minutes passed.

3.   School Year Events: Dr. Labor has agreed to do her Addiction 101 presentation at the school on Friday, Feb. 9 from 2-2:45 p.m. for all high schoolers. She is now at a full-time position at OneEighty. Equipment needs include a clicker so she can pace the PowerPoint to her discussion. Doug will check for that. Nonya will discuss arriving early. Tammy suggested having Dr. Labor make a presentation to the Junior High as well – she will discuss with the principal. Doug said teachers are interested in the presentation about the intricacies of addiction and how the brain functions. Stan wondered if there was room for parents to engage them and get them more involved in what the coalition is doing; Doug said they will have a full house. Doug said there is time available in late April to have another speaker. Peer led presentations might be a good fit with the HPAC group; from a prevention perspective peer-led information is better retained by youth. Nonya also offered Alcohol Literacy Challenge, similar to what Rittman will be doing for a large presentation; the presentation focuses on media messaging and how we are conditioned to think about alcohol vs. it being a moral decision.

4.   Gift Cards: Norwayne SALT applied for and received a $50 Buehler’s Gift Card. This could be used for a variety of needs: TI, April speaker event, etc. Up to the group.

5.   SPF: the Wayne County Impact Group has completed four Focus Groups; two with youth (grades 8 and 10) and two with parents. The transcripts have been reviewed for trends around alcohol use/abuse/access. The Focus Group process is available to coalitions and training can be done to use it in the school setting.

6.   365: Look for messaging that will be out for the campaign along the theme: Show You Care. Be There. The messaging will be out on billboards, social media and local cable. The campaign and countywide data will be unveiled at a Feb. 24 event from 11 a.m – 1 p.m. at Wayne College. Breakout sessions will engage faith-based to work with those in recovery, data reveal and how to use the toolkit, which will have lots of hands-on information about prescription drug and over-the-counter disposal along with curriculum for youth to share the message. Please hand out and distribute the event flyer; more copies are available and the electronic version will be sent with the minutes. Does the group want to have a table/share a table with Rittman for the Information Fair that will be held at the same time? Tammy will let Nonya know about the table. 

7.   Other Business: Josh said the HPAC representative, Lance Larrison, got a hold of him and was interested in working with the school/youth to host a presentation focusing on youth/health. Nonya said this might be a good fit for the April speaker. Lance should get an invite to the February meeting to discuss to see if it fits with their schedule. (His e-mail is: Doug will also reach out to him regarding April. (HPAC are students involved in health professions with a mission to do something to improve the health of their community. Their big event involves Rails to Trails.) What are the new trends in drug use? Doug said meth is on the increase, with larger amounts being carried by people. Heroin remains a problem (there were two deaths in one week recently.) 

8.   Next meeting date:
       Next Meeting: Monday, February 26 at 6:30 p.m . at Norwayne H.S. Library