Red Cross/ CPR Bobcats

If you have any questions or want to sign up I have  school e-mail address that I check daily-  This is CPR that is needed for coaching, it is not the Sudden Cardiac that is now needed.  All classes are at the high school library unless noted.  Note that I no longer have a nrcn e-mail.

2023-2024 classes

Adult CPR     July 31, 2023  chose 1:00 or 6:00-    There will be a sign on the front door indicating where the class is.  Make sure you sign up at as the classes may fill up.

Adult CPR     October 16, 2022  AT  6:00. 

Adult CPR/First Aid.    If there is interest, the date will be set.

Adult CPR    Feb, 2023 at 6:00.  The tentative date is Monday Feb 16, 2023 but could change due to tournament games.  Contact Beth if interested at



Heather Anderson.    Holly Matthews.   David Weaver.      Joy Zuercher

Tammy Graf.                   Joy Kerr


Jason Gallion.           Kenzie Lendon.        Scott Coy             John Baummer


Brenda Buckingham.    Randall Hoge.     Molly Pamer.      Keith Kerns

Lisa Lang                              Sharon Gasser   Jodi Klauss         Jill Buklad

Paul Klotzle


Shawn Deer          Brian West              Leanne Ratica                     Annie Yoder                Eric Ratica

Brian Hilson         Trenton Schar        Ben Burke                             Mike Gill                        Matt Snyder

AUGUST 4, 2020    Adult/Child CPR/AED

Misty Snow           Ron Snow                Jenna Rupp


Dave Dreher.        Brevin Harris.      Ann Gerber.          Leslie Cihon            Tyson Stoudmire.    Beth Lea

EXPIRED.  FEBRUARY 16, 2021.   Adult CPR/AED

Blake Bellman.        David Hudson.          Alfredo Gray.         Jordan Marrero

Jason Zimmerly.    Andy Froelich            Breanna Gill.          Terry O'Hare

Mitchell Gordon.   Michelle Vance.       Larry Bellman.       Jacob Morgan

EXPIRED.   JULY 26, 2021.  Adult CPR/AED

Scott Norman.        Bryan Shirey.                 Macey Albaugh.         Adam Indorf

Cassandra Mey.     Jake Zimmerly.             Brianne Indorf.           Megan Raber

Brian West.             Joe Chaffin                      Jude LaChance           Kelly Hanzie

Sarah Coy                Mackenzie Albaugh.  Jason Balyer                 

EXPIRED   JULY 26, 2021. Adult CPR/AED. First Aid

Tonia Arnold

EXPIRED  SEPTEMBER 14, 2021.  Adult CPR/AED. First Aid

Nathan Weinman.      Jill Gasser.        Christine Brown.         Jenni Moyer

Nikki Wincek.               April Troup.      Mike Schar.                     Isaac Graf

Lori Hoyt                        Jim Starkey        Cheri Crawford           Kathy Haury

Carolyn Wilfong.       Traci Albaugh.  Kristyn Johnson.        Donna Mandley

Lori Weinman

OCTOBER  18, 2021.  Adult CPR/AED

Alisha Berry.              Michelle Stoller.       Lance Larrison.      Beth Smith


Jessica Gasser


NOVEMBER 22, 2021. Adult CPR/AED

Terry West.               Matt Smith.           Shawn Deer.            Jim Glessner

Ricki Gerber.            Charbea Tetzel.  John VonBergen

NOVEMBER 22, 2021.  Adult CPR/AED/First Aid

Mary Fetzer.            Jerry Favri.            Denise Followay.   Joe Love

Katie Hoffman.      Sue Hoffman

JULY 25, 2022     Adult. CPR/AED

Brianna Hubbard.      Dave Dreher.        Jason Gallion.        Scott Coy

John Baummer

OCTOBER 17, 2022-sorry I forgot to post this right away

Trenton Schar.         Leslie Cihon

FEBRUARY 13, 2023.      Adult CPR/AED

Bruce Filak.           Blake Bellman.       Larry Bellman.       Nick Filak

Madson Booth.   Michelle Vance.     John VonBergen

FEBRUARY 13, 2023.         Adult CPR/AED, First Aid

Chris Smith.         Jim Masters.         Kaya Marty.         Brittany Yoder

Lauren Keppler

JULY 24, 2023.      Adult CPR/AED

Jason Bittinger.         Jason Holcomb.              Chris Shook.           Justin Piatt

Todd Wohlgmuth.    Jeff Arnold                        Jeremy Musser     Dan Ferguson

Dane Goddard           Aaron Froelich               Stephan Powell      Todd Leach

Josh Burns                   Travis Mensching

JULY 31, 2023.         Adult CPR/AED

Brevin Harris.          Taylor Straub.             L. Smith.                      J. DeMassimo

Adam Indorf             Michelle Stoller         Jude LaChance.     Cassandra Mey

Ashley Lehman.      Jordan Marrero.      Travis Mills.              Jason Balyer

AUGUST 17, 2023       Adult CPR/AED/First Aid

Donna Mandley.          Nikki Wincek.           Jim Starkey.            Jill Gasser

Jenni Moyer.                 Traci Meng                  Lori Hoyt                  Cheryl Crawford

Mike Schar                    Josh Chaffin                Christine Brown. April Troup

Melissa Sparks           Tonia Arnold               Marti Webber.      Lori Weinman

Kristyn Johnson.       Jerry Favri

OCTOBER 16, 2023.     Adult CPR/AED

Denise Followay.        Nate Berry.          Beth Smith.        Jim Glessner.       

Ricki Gerber

OCTOBER  16, 2023.   Adult CPR/AED/FIRST AID

Isaac Graf