Habitat Discovery Garden

Habitat Garden Update: Welcome Solar Panel Monitoring!  The network connection is complete to the solar panel monitoring website.  To view the information available from our solar panels visit:

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Password:  bobcats

A group of Norwayne supporters, spearheaded by Trena Sheppard, started brainstorming ways to include conservation, ecology, hands-on education in an outdoor setting and beautifcation for the new Norwayne Elementary School. Out of that brainstorming came the Habitat Discovery Garden.

Blueprints were created, volunteers were gathered to provide funding, donations of material, bookkeeping and accounting, formal documentation, grant writing and in addition many hours of labor ensued.

Conceptually the group wanted to add an outdoor classroom where students could explore curriculum in another way through creative research, stewardship, observation and to also encourage the joy of reading in the literary themed gardens.

A pavilion serves as a focal point and hosts classroom activities, meetings and lunches. The pavilion has solar panels installed and students actively log in to see how much energy their solar panels are producing.

Attachments below include a news article from the Daily Record and ways you can get involved as a volunteer or contribute financially through the Marian Romich Habitat Discovery Garden Endowment Fund.

Choose the Photo Gallery from the Elementary and Middle School pages to view photographs documenting our progress. Refer to the "Info on Photos" attachment for more details.

We would like to again thank all the individuals who have been involved in this worthwhile project and continue to welcome your ideas and volunteerism as our Habitat

Discovery Garden blossoms with the seasons.