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Technology Coordinator:  Ryan Wile
Phone 330-435-1143 or 330-435-6382, Ext. 10190

Technology Support:  Matt Smith
Phone 330-435-1144 or 330-435-6382, Ext. 10191

Online Safety - by

Staying safe while online is an ongoing task. The link above provides up-to-date information on Blogging, Cell Phones, Children as Victims, Cyberbulling, Email, Chat, File Sharing, Gaming, Identity Theft, Inappropriate Content, Intranet Safety, Predators, Revealing too Much, Sexting, Social Networking, Webcams

Norwayne Local Schools continues to provide online safety in compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act.  Students are provided a username and password after returning a completed, parent-signed, User Authorization Agreement which outlines the district's policy on acceptable use for provided internet service and digital devices to students.

We provide internet filtered which denies access to webpages that are categorized as potentially harmful and/or non-educational material based on the "Category" of the website.  For more in depth information, please contact the Technology Department.

With updates to building and technology with the assistance of Ohio School Facilities Commission, teachers will have access to up-to-date technology including but not limited to telephones in each classroom, a video projector with access to video on demand and sound enhancement in each classroom.

Norwayne Local Schools District Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) targets five goals and objectives to improve critical thinking skills and student achievement. These goals include 1) use of Progress Book; 2) facilitate learning through the integration of technology, and provide evidence in lesson plans; 3) students successfully demonstrating competence in Ohio's technology standards; 4) committing sufficient funds to provide students with technology … and 5) integration of assistive technology into the instructional program as needed.

Technology -
Google Apps for Education
Building Access & Control
Point of Sale
Cisco IP Phone System
Cisco Wireless
District webpage
Technology Standard Integration
Progress Book point person
Network Administration
District Technology Plan
EMIS - (Education Management Information System)
EMAD (Education Monetary Assistance Distribution)
DASL (student database)
Community Schools  – CSADM verification
SDC - data verification

To report a computer, network or software issue please access our Helpdesk. Use TCCSA\nrcn_name for the username (example: TCCSA\nrcn_jsmith) and your Progressbook password to access this area.